A Gingerbread House by CATRIONA McPHERSON

A Gingerbread House

An invitation you can’t refuse. You should…

Tash is the character driving the story. We don’t know much about her or what she is actually doing except she is hiding something from her father while trying to decide to go to the police.

Kate and her sister Gail are older and live in a’fairy tale’ cottage. They are also crazy as loons. Kate lures young women in with a story of them being switched at birth and she found out they are her sister. First, are women that dumb? No.

The story of the missing women runs along Tash’s story until they intersect and everything is tied up nicely.

I could not get into this until about a third of the way through and then things played out as expected.

This was like a good recipe for a scary story but not so great execution.

NetGalley/August 3, 2021 Severn House

One response to “A Gingerbread House by CATRIONA McPHERSON”

  1. Another one to shove further down the TBR pile. Thanks for your honest review, Patty. ❤📚

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