Shoulder Season by Christina Clancy

Shoulder Season

Sherri Tayor has a boring life in a boring town. She wants so much more than what East Troy can provide.

She’s a good girl. Plays organ at the church. Doesn’t get in trouble. Stayed home to care for her ailing mother who dies, leaving Sherri to question what exactly she does want and how to get it.

When her best friend asks her to come along for a bunny audition at the Lake Geneva Playboy Family Lodge she does so reluctantly and lies her way into a job. Being a bunny isn’t fun and games. It’s brutal and a grind. The weigh-ins, the barb-wired fences keeping them in or men out. There are so many rules it’s hard to keep up. Pills keep her awake and keep her weight down but all the partying and sleeping around just depressher more. After a single tragic accident she is ready to get out of town.

California is nothing like East Troy and Sherri loves it. She gets a break working in an art gallery and is soon rich and powerful on her own. But what did it cost her?

The Playboy Club is not the main portion of the book. It’s more about a naive young lady who learns the hard way that people lie. People use you. And maybe, just maybe, home looks a little different now.

I did not care for this character at all. That does not affect the book as a whole, however. A powerful look at the decisions we make in our youth can have long -reaching consequences.

NetGalley/ July 6th, 2021 by St. Martin’s Press

4 responses to “Shoulder Season by Christina Clancy”

  1. Thanks for the review. “A powerful look at the decisions we make in our youth can have long-reaching consequences.” Such a true statement.

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  2. Great deductive review Pat!💞💞💞🍮🍮🍂🍮🍮

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