Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

Mary Kubica is the writer who just pushes you right into the deep end on page one. I appreciate that. There is so much tension in this story! Everyone is shady. Everyone is lying. And the shocks don’t stop until the last page.

Meredith is a midwife. She has a lovely six-year-old daughter named Delilah and a husband who would rather not have his wife out at all hours of the night birthing babies.

When one of her clients goes missing after the baby is born, Meredith is suspicious of the husband. Then Meredith and Delilah go missing. Why? What do these two women have in common besides birth? When Meredith’s body is found without her daughter, the entire town is on the hunt. But with no luck.

Now, eleven years after the event, Delilah returns. Walking into town looking like she hasn’t seen daylight in a long time. While everyone wants to know what happened and where she has been, she is still shell-shocked.

This was a chilling one. However, I am missing a fingernail or two.

Very Well Done!

NetGalley/ 18 May 2021 Harlequin/Park Row

5 responses to “Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica”

  1. I loved it too and you are so right – everyone is shady! And that led my brain to all sorts of crazy theories about who did it and why. None of which were remotely correct, of course. Wonderful review!

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    1. She always gives us good characters

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  2. This sounds very tempting to read!! 😃

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  3. This is really good psychological thriller. We have also reviewed this novel. Do read and share your comments https://gobookmart.com/local-woman-missing-by-mary-kubica-is-a-twisty-thriller/

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