The Good Sister

Fern and Rose are twins. And as different as two people could be. Rose is married and seems to be happy with life except for the fact that she can’t get pregnant.

Fern is more of a free spirit but has severe sensory issues. The world and it’s inhabitants are a bit too extra for her.

But they both have secrets. Rose protected Fern from their crazy mother. Or did she?

Rose manipulates Fern into having a baby for her. And as soon as she is pregnant Rose turns into someone Fern doesn’t know at all.

I loved Fern. She has all these issues but she finds love with someone who understands them perfectly. But in the end, will she be able to stand up to Rose? Or will her mother actually save the day and expose who is the sociopath here?

That was some ending! Did not see that coming!

NetGalley/ April 13th, 2021 by St. Martin’s Press





  1. Sounds very good. I was stuck in a horrible flat for 11 years with no garden and very dark walls inside, so reading wasn’t easy. Our new flat is light and airy with a garden share with the owners downstairs. Have already started to read indoors and if England gives us some kind of summer, I will read the books I haven’t been able to read in my new bookcase on a sunbed. Then I will be able to take advantage of your recommendations at last. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Oh it’s so nice to have an outdoor space, even if it’s a shared one!


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