Scot on the Rocks

A Last Ditch Mystery #3

What is our favorite Scot up to now?

The town is up in arms after the bronze statue of Mama Cuento is stolen. And on Valentine’s Day! While everyone is scratching their heads over how such a large statue could just be gone, someone finds one bronze toe and a ransom note. Give them what they want or the other nine toes will follow.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bran turns up. Bran being the ex-husband of Lexy for all of five minutes before he went back to his Brandee. So there is no love lost there. He gives her a pitiful story of Brandee being kidnapped, along with one fake fingernail and a sketchy ransom note.

A very odd coincidence? Or is there a serial kidnapper on the loose?

Does she even want to find Brandee? Probably not.

Lexy is still getting used to the language, which is always funny and her band of merry (okay, some not so merry) helpers are determined to find out who did what and why?!

This series is so funny. But also it’s about fitting in, this group of crime solvers are all a bit outside of the norm and that only makes them more lovable.

What in the world will happen next?

Well Done!

NetGalley Review/ February 2nd. 2021 by Severn House Publishers

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