We’re All in this Together..Right?

The last day of January. It feels eerily similar to last January. People are still complaining about wearing masks. The newest thing is fake cards saying the person doesn’t have to wear a mask because of lung cancer. Total fake. We have had several people at the hotel trying to use these. Fortunately for us we aren’t dumb.

The DOJ put out a warning about these fake cards in July. Read a paper. We just cancel their reservation and move on. Better to wear a mask than a ventilator. OU Boy is still dealing with his weird after Covid symptoms. But at least nothing is worse. We bought industrial masks and double up on them. We order groceries. Our meds are delivered.

I haven’t been out of my house except for doctor appointments. My neighbors think I am rude. My elderly nun neighbor moved back to Boston today. And much like the day Biden was sworn in, my stomach stopped hurting. I don’t care how old you are or what you do, but I will not have negative energy in my life and this lady talked crap about all our neighbors so I haven’t seen her since before Christmas when she brought a package over and gave it to OU Boy. That is important because I was in the bath. I would not have accepted a gift from her. She is on a fixed income and we just don’t do that gift thing. But HE answered the door and I feel he is the one who should have told her no. He opened it. It was a $250 beach themed cuckoo clock and every hour on the hour a seagull comes out and what is supposed to sound like waves and gulls just comes off as a ghost in your wall. Scared the living daylights out of us. So it is in it’s box. Don’t know what to do with it.

We have binge watched The Ranch with Sam Elliot and cried and laughed so much the people we tell about it are mad at us for getting them involved in the emotional roller coaster that is The Ranch. Loved it. We tore through Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit, The Magicians and lots of serial killer documentaries. I gave up on the gym because no masks were worn so I bought a bike like the one I use at the gym. OU Boy bought a kayak. For two.

Although I am allowed to go to Curacao now, I just don’t feel safe flying into Florida. So my poor sister is having to do everything down there by her self. She’s doing well though. As for me, I still try and text my Momma everyday. Yesterday I received some honey with the honeycomb and I was so excited to call and tell her. She made honeycomb ice cream and we loved it. I hung her huge portrait in the living room so I can just talk to her like that. She agrees with me a lot more now that she can’t talk.

Let’s all hope February treats us better. In Oklahoma we had our first tornado of the year yesterday. WTAF? At least we have no snow. Just endless wind blowing across the prairie like a sand blaster.

Have a good one!

xx P

12 responses to “We’re All in this Together..Right?”

  1. There are times that I truly believed our society is doomed. I totally get your rants. Totally.

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  2. I’m not really a fan of people. They are crazy. We had high numbers early on so masks are not an issue here. Everyone wears them. They are still crazy. I got 2 haircuts since last March. My hairstylist is a wonderful person but she doesn’t believe anything about the virus. She said she and her whole family had it and it’s not bad. Well, I won’t be having another haircut anytime soon. Anyone who feels like that probably doesn’t do all the sanitary things.

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    1. Oh my gosh! People are dying!

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  3. I always love catching up with you and wandering through your lovely images…

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    1. Thank you! Lovely to hear from you as always.

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  4. Your life sounds pretty much like mine. Eek.

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  5. Hang in there Patty. I am sure things will turn a corner before the end of 2021. It is going to be a long year though. Stay safe.😷

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  6. That picture of the Blue Highland Scot Cow, I have seen that picture in so many places … and I always want it, lol

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    1. My friend in the UK sends me those pictures all the time. I am obsessed with those gorgeous creatures!

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  7. Loved your post. Nice share and good to rant too as valid points. Take care and stay safe.

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