In a Town Called Paradox

“I wasn’t looking for Marilyn Monroe when I bumped into her, even though I knew she was in town filming River of No Return…”

So begins In a Town Called Paradox, which asks the question: If each of us has a life story, then who determines how it unfolds and how it should end?

Set in the mid 1950’s, in Utah. Around the time when Hollywood and Westerns were being filmed on location in old western towns or ones just built to look like an old town.

Corin Dunbar. After her mother died young, her father ships her off to her Aunt Jessie in Utah. On a cattle ranch with few cattle and a lot more projects than money.

Corin is angry that her father sent her away and has been letting that fester for a while now. Aunt Jessie seems very religious and has rules. Corin is the main person telling this story.

First she hates Utah. She hates her circumstances. Until Hollywood arrives putting money into the town and bringing all the hot stars to town. The studios are in love with the scenery so almost overnight Paradox becomes something of a Paradox.

She isn’t interested in being in the movies. Not a fan of the casting couch, she instead decides to save the ranch. As she falls in love with the area, she also is falling for a stranger. A man raised by missionary parents who wants to see the West. Throw in the mix an escaped Native American, put in jail for a crime he never committed and there is some excitement going on.

I enjoyed this book so much. It asked some very interesting questions and I admit I pondered on them a lot. Through tragedies and surprise announcements, this had everything from police corruption, the good old boy network, how little power women had in this time and the question.

Who does control my future choices? And everyone has an agenda.

Very Well Done!

NetGalley/ February 3rd, 2021 by Independent Book Publishers Association


  1. Nice review and I hope you are keeping well and staying safe from Covid-19. Take care and avoid crowds – new variants!

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    1. How are you doing? Are the cases getting better?

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      1. I am ok, thank you. Cases have abated but alot of imported cases which we are stopping at the Stay Home notice and recently some spike in community cases. Yourself? Better controls now that Biden is in charge? Vaccination?

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      2. Well people in the capital wear masks now. Nothing else has changed. We have learned who all of the dumb people are though!

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      3. That is important – i.e. learning who are all the dumb people. Silly really as I cannot understand why they don’t get it?!

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  2. Great review. Definitely paradoxical just as our world at large.

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