The Winter Teas Are Arriving! And I Voted!

Nothing makes my dark little heart beat quite so hard as when receiving new seasonal teas from Bigelow. Or from anyone to be honest.

This little group could not have come at a better time either. I was trying out a new Rum Cake recipe and invited friends over to taste test with a cup of Eggnog Tea. Seemed appropriate. And oh my goodness it was lovely!

This is all that remains of the small bundt cakes, I did some with nuts and some without. I was also reviewing the silicone bundt pan, so I killed two birds.

Winter has gone back to wherever it stays and once again it’s shorts and tank tops as we chop up tree limbs and haul them to the curb. We actually had to turn on the a/c we were sweating so hard!

But life goes on and crazy weather seems to be the norm now. Good news is we are going to be allowed into Curacao in December! Woo Hoo! Hopefully we can keep the cold at bay until then.

Hope you all have either voted or plan to. I have been so crazy busy and then sick this past month that I ordered a thermos to take to the polls to vote as the lines were down the street, only to be told I had already turned in my absentee vote weeks ago. Oh well, at least I am positive I voted. Thank you Kendra Horn for making sure I received a ballot! I voted for you. And Joe and Kamala and anyone who was against the feeble group we have now.

Happy Friday! (It is Friday, right?)

xx P

5 responses to “The Winter Teas Are Arriving! And I Voted!”

  1. Yup, it’s Friday. I voted weeks ago by absentee, too. I am praying for a peaceful and sane result to this election process. God help us!! Your tea and cakes look yummy. I need to go make myself a cup right now. Lavender tea, yea!

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    1. I pray everyone acts like an adult at least! Enjoy the tea!

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      1. Yes, an adult with a functioning brain and a heart of compassion. ❤

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  2. Make America kind again!

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  3. Eggnog tea sounds delicious, and those cakes… yum!

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