So We’re Going Straight to Winter Now?

by Audrey T

If you live close to me you also heard what sounded like gunshots going off all night and all day so far. No, it wasn’t a gang of out of control cowboys, it was limbs cracking off of the trees due to the ice storm we are currently enduring.

Every few minutes you hear the first rumblings and see ice fall and them Boom!, there goes another limb. Now, I am not talking about branches. They are covering the ground and homes alike. These are huge limbs. One of which is sitting on top of the nursing home right now. The park looks like a war zone and a quick tour of the neighborhood shows the same. Cars parked outside last night are now nestled in the boughs of sycamore trees.

At work, it’s worse. As you can see. This used to be a huge oak tree. Now it is just a trunk and this one remaining limb. The squirrels have been running for their lives and power is out everywhere. Best to stay in town this week!

Stay safe out there. My Gulf Coast people, be safe from the hurricane. The rest of us are just frozen. But Amazon is delivering so all is not lost!

xx P

13 responses to “So We’re Going Straight to Winter Now?”

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t see that photo. I hope that the worst is passed. Be safe!

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    1. Oh no! Round 3 of rain just came and even more trees are down.Expecting more ice overnight.

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      1. That sucks. Any damage to your home or car?

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      2. Nope! Sun is shining today and all you hear are chainsaws. We had one small tree at the farm that is now somewhere else, but we have a generator but never lost power. There is still no power in town. Over 200,000 homes.


  2. Stay safe and keep warm. Snow this early…climate change I guess.

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    1. This is the oddest state, one day it’s winter and today it’s summer again. Yes on climate change!


      1. Haha! Flippant weather. To me, worrisome as sounds like flu season….take care, mask up🤗🎃🍬🍫🍬🎃Happy Halloween

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  3. Howdy Patty!

    Climate change will reach us all in one way or another. Be thankful for the clement days and enjoy them however you can. But, don’t park under trees.


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    1. I’ll stay away from the trees!

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  4. I continue to enjoy your posts but am experiencing some kind of glitch that’s not allowing me to like your posts. 😢

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    1. It’s a glitch somewhere because I had that problem yesterday!

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      1. Ok just wanted you to know I’m still reading your stuff!

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