Happy Sunday! I hope you are all healthy and safe.

Oklahoma is having a second surge that is worse than the first one. Also troubling is that this week we added 2 more categories of positive age groups. Under 2 and 6 to 10. Our major positive spreaders are in the 18 to 35 group and next the 35 to 49 group. I’m not in any of those groups so I guess my natural tendency to stay at home is finally paying off. OU Boy and I are perfectly fine at the moment.

His heart is working just fine and for once no one is hurting anywhere. I swear when you hit 40 your entire body just says, ” That’s it. All systems shutting down.” I have found the way to encourage OU Boy is to keep telling him how cute he looks after losing ten pounds. He’s awfully vain and it seems to be working.

We may get Fall today! At least for a day or so. It’s 11 a.m. and still grey outside and nothing is moving. This is suspicious behavior for OKC. The wind is always blowing. For the past couple of days it has been so bad I was not allowed outside due to the eye thingy. So instead I caught up on reviews, and binge watched The Haunting of Bly House which I liked less than the Haunting of Hill Manor. Even with the Stephen King Easter Egg in one of the scenes. I saw that, Stephen!

The election smack talk is heating up on Twitter but now that he is out of Twitmo, he is being careful. As I explained to him, it is possible to read something you disagree with and just move on.

I bought this book for my granddaughter and then read it myself. She loves mysteries. Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, all the old ones. But now Sherlocks daughter and Watson’s son are hooking up solving crimes and it’s one of the best YA series!

The Covid thing is putting holidays in jeopardy. I don’t care for my relatives enough to travel 12 hours to eat turkey and get infected. North Dakota, I’m talking to you! Get your shit together and stop infecting people so we can go to Canada.

As I sit here in my flamingo pajamas looking out the window I am totally grateful that we are here and in good health. And I wish that for all of you. No holiday or gift giving event is a good enough reason to be foolish and infect grandma and grandpa with a deadly virus.

Now I am off to feed my squirrel that I have befriended during isolation. She had triplets 2 weeks ago and is chowing down now. What is the weirdest thing you have done during lockdown?

xx P

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  1. Be careful and please stay safe!

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  2. Also during lockdown be creating with my mind more and reading the Bible. It’s helped me not go crazy so far. Glad you are holding up overall.

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  3. I’m glad you guys are doing okay. We celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend and I did not get together with my family this year. I saw my son and his family but not the rest. We are also into our second wave, but it is still not too bad. Keep safe and keep making those smart decisions. I honestly don’t think I did anything weird during lockdown, I am just so boring.

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    1. Celebrating Thanksgiving sounds nice. Our second wave is much worse. Over 1,000 a day.

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      1. Wow, we are getting about 700 daily in the whole province of Ontario right now, which is really high for us. It is not flattening and people are being idiots. I’m staying home. Locally, in my county we are in single digits daily.

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      2. Wow. Today the number here was 1450.

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  4. Glad you are safe. I can tell you that my 87 year old husband is falling, literally. No fun when you get up there in years.

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    1. Nope old age isn’t for sissies. My momma fell off the toilet. How that happened I do not know.


  5. Our Thanksgiving last weekend was just the two of us…it was raining cats and dogs so we stayed in and it felt like Christmas…there was Chilean wine and Irish lager as well as chocolate…we had a small turkey roast and ate turkey chili throughout the week. I even watched a three hour movie, it was bliss!
    I’m glad you’re both feeling better and keeping safe…our funniest moments are similar to yours, we’ve befriended several crows that come by our balcony for unsalted peanuts and the odd cracker…

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    1. That sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving!

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  6. Probably the weirdest thing that I have done during this pandemic (for me, “lockdown” doesn’t apply as much because I have actually had to go to work the whole time) is to shop for facemasks. I have Texas Rangers (baseball) masks; I have Beatles “Hey Jude,” and other music facemasks. The latest batch is from Nathan Pyle’s “Strange Planet” comic strip.
    We were just in Oklahoma. The only people wearing masks were the tourists. That was weird and slightly unsettling.

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    1. Oh I love Strange Planet! People here just won’t wear them and now we are so much worse.

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