OU Boy goes to Jail!

Okay, so it’s Twitter Jail. Or as he calls it Twitmo. He is addicted to Twitter. So when he woke up yesterday to discover he was in jail for 7 days, I couldn’t’ believe it. I mean I’ve been told to take a post down before, but never been in lockdown before. Donald Trump blocked me.

I tell you he was like an addict having withdrawals. He can see everything but he can’t comment or retweet. Finally I broke down and explained to him that if you are going to be spouting off about how Rand Paul’s neighbor should have kicked his butt all the way down the street, well you are going to get punished. But the seven day thing had me stumped. Normally it’s about 24 hours. Then I find out it is not his first violation.

So now he knows about shadow accounts and that you need to have one if you can’t control your mouth. Shadow accounts are a different account in a different name. I personally have a few. Two are private. So, now he is happy again and taking the orange thing in the people’s house to task for endangering lives. Once again there is peace in the kingdom.

As for me, I had two stitches removed this week from the eye. Only 10 left! My corneal surgeon says my transplant is beautiful but I’m not producing enough tears. She gave me a prescription for Restasis eye drops. I called my sister who has been through this 5 times and she said, “NO! Doesn’t she know you have Crohn’s? I was on that and all I did was sit in the bathroom in pain!” Then my trusty pharmacist called and said it was $635 after insurance. So they called in a different one. New. Only available at one independent pharmacy that doesn’t take insurance and it is $748. Side effects? Burning, redness and swelling of the eye. Nope.

Did some research and am upping my intake of Omega 3 which helps a lot with tear production and using warm compresses. Spoke to my pharmacist and she said I was doing the right thing. I knew my body better than anyone. So here we are back on a schedule of drops every other hour. Anti-rejection drops, pressure drops and antibiotic drops along with the new Syolane drops that we all agree are great.

Now I’m off to do nothing because for two weeks I can’t bend, lift or rub. Another surgery down and more to go but the great news is after the stitches came out my vision was 20/30! Guess I’ll stop whining about it.

Stay Safe and Vote!

xx P

9 responses to “OU Boy goes to Jail!”

  1. I am so happy for you. Sometimes we need to step up and say no. Glad you found meds that work for you, Patty.

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    1. Me too! And I have not had one uncomfortable day since I started doing things my way.

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  2. That’s good news! Mostly anyway. I have dry eye too and haven’t found drops that really help.

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    1. I am singing the praises of the Systane sterile individual vials. Extended relief and the first time I haven’t had any discomfort. My pharmacist uses them and says they are #1.

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      1. I use those too and they work well if you use them regularly. I’ve used Restasis and Xiidra and didn’t really get noticeable relief from either.

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  3. My mum has the opposite problem, her eyes run!

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    1. Really? I had no idea that could happen!

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      1. It seems to be a thing for the women in my family =/ I haven’t got it…yet…

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