The Wrong Kind of Woman by Sarah McCraw Crow

The Wrong Kind of Woman

It’s 1970 and the Desmarais family is getting ready for Christmas. Oliver, a professor at Clarendon College, his wife Virginia, who at one time had her own ambitions and plans, but now just parrots her husband’s thoughts, and Rebecca, just a teen with all the teen angst. But their world is about to implode with no warning.

Oliver drops dead while hanging lights and Virginia and Rebecca must find their own ways.

This was told from multiple points of view. And sometimes the narrator abruptly changed, which was confusing.

The character of Sam, who has his own issues during this turbulent time in our history. With violence across campuses and women fighting just to be heard, this could have been a good look at that time period.

It was not in my opinion. It was shallow and Virginia didn’t really step into some new version of womanhood. She only made friends with the four women that Oliver despised.

This had the makings of a good tale, it just didn’t get there.

Netgalley/ October 6th, 2020 by MIRA

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