We Have Become The Change We Needed

September is almost over. This entire year has been a blur. As if some giant had upended the world and shook it a few times. Nothing will ever be the same. So what do you do when the life you created falls apart?

Personally, I have learned some hard life lessons. I have gone from seeing my eye surgeon every other month to once in eight months. I am a bit anxious about this. But it seems to be fine. I really don’t like having to face time with my therapist. It’s just not the same. And she’s dealing with the same mess, so what to do?

Through a lot of trial and error, we have narrowed down what is important to us and what is not. Our health is important, especially since OU Boy just got his fifth stent and all the others were full. It brought us into the hospital and made us never want to go back. So yes, this man is doing what we call Flexible Plant Based Eating. Flexible as in he can have small amounts of red meat just not every week. We are getting creative with our Insta-Vortex Air Fryer. Vegetables are great cooked crispy. And we can make jerky.

The pool is closed for the season so our 2 hour water workouts are gone. We have substituted hikes, walks and pilates. So far he has lost 10 pounds. And the sweet tea is a once in a long while thing. He reads labels and was shocked by some of his favorite foods.

We went to the big box store and stocked up on everything. We can live in the house for months now! We also decided to make the big move and buy a new television. The last time we bought one was in 2007. We just never watched television until streaming came around. So yesterday I jumped on an early sale and got the FireTV. It is amazing. I also bought a recliner for the hubs. Said I never would but here it is!

So, basically we created a new life. We may not have control over a lot of things but we are both back to working full-time and we’ve re-done our bathroom, and the kitchen to make them work better for our needs. Maybe this time has been a blessing, forcing us to get our priorities in order.

How have you adapted to this new world we live in? Tell me you learned how to make sourdough bread!!! Then show me.

xx P

5 responses to “We Have Become The Change We Needed”

  1. Sourdough? Absolutely, but pre-Covid. It’s magic.

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  2. Sourdough ? I tried but not with great success. But beer bread yes ! I love streaming and Great British Bake off show on Netflix is a winner.

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    1. I can do beer bread! Thanks for reminding me about that one!


      1. I do it with local brewed beer . And like you I need to make some with some seasonal beer flavors.

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  3. Wanted to watch a network TV program and got really frustrated with the commercials. Streaming has spoiled me. No patience for nonsense! Sourdough bread? Ummm…no…not a fan but I have made scratch pizza. Wonderful!

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