A Heartfelt Christmas Promise by Nancy Naigle

A Heartfelt Christmas Promise: A Novel

Vanessa Larkin is one driven woman. She knows she deserves the next plum assignment in Paris. And it’s almost Christmas. But this year she is being sent to North Carolina. To a small town that was bought out a long time ago with a promise nothing would change.

But this company is making fruitcakes. Who in the world wants fruitcake? This should be a slam dunk and have her back home in a hurry.

She quickly learns that Porters is a cornerstone for this town. Originally owned by Mike Marshall’s family. It has been the mainstay of this town for years. Even after his Grandfather sold it for whatever reasons he had.

Vanessa quickly falls in love with the town, the fruitcake and the hunky guy.

Will she find a way to make everyone happy including herself? Or will she go back to her life and her own goals?

It’s Christmas so anything can happen and love is always in the air.

I think this was just the story I needed in these trying times. Remembering what is really important.

NetGalley/ September 29th, 2020 by St. Martin’s Griffin

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