Never have I been happier than the day this book arrived! Finally someone who understands Crohn’s Disease!

Whether you have just been diagnosed or like me, have been doing the best you can to avoid flares and figure out how to eat to keep yourself healthy and alive!

There are customized meal plans as well as food to eat during and after a flare up. And there is a lot of information on CD and other issues that may come with it. I have CD along with Celiac and Lactose Intolerance. All the women on my mother’s side have this. No one talked about it. We jokingly called it our secret diet since you eat and then you spend hours crying in the bathroom feeling as if you are giving birth to a large demon.

This cookbook has opened up a lot of options for me. I don’t do soy either and I was happy to see I could substitute with almond milk. The Bone Broth recipe was my favorite. That may seem odd but during and after a flare this is one of the only things I can eat. I can tolerate some meats but I don’t like meat so roasted chicken and salmon are the only ones I eat and then only after a flare.

And it’s hard to know what will kick off a flare. For example yesterday I was feeling too lazy to get out of the pool so I just grabbed two small pieces of OU Boy’s beef jerky. It was peppered. It took all of 5 minutes before I was running to the bathroom and I have been in pain since then. That is a flare.

Love the book and grateful to the author!

5 responses to “THE CROHN’S DISEASE COOKBOOK by Amanda Foote,RD”

  1. Very happy for you Patty. It is tough when you have to eat or not eat certain foods without some help, glad there are some delicious recipes for you to try.

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  2. I don’t have Crohn’s or celiac but I do have IBS. Not as severe but with some of the same issues. I have given up so many foods over the years that my list of things I can eat gets shorter every year. I should check this out. I know where every bathroom is. It’s the first thing I check when going anywhere. I want to know where it is and will go in to see if it’s clean (always good) and has more than one seat (one seaters are bad cause when I gotta go, I gotta go!).

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    1. Oh bathrooms are of utmost importance! I saw a show on HGTV and the house had 4 bedrooms and 6 bathroom. That is heaven!

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      1. Wow! I do like multiple bathrooms. Even though we have a large master bath, I occasionally use the other one upstairs. Privacy!

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  3. Don’t know why this post of yours popped up on my screen this morning. Here it is Nov. 25 and I get an early Sept. message! Strange… especially since my dad and my niece had/have Crohn’s Disease. I think I’m meant to pass this along to her! I will. Thank you, {{{Patty}}} – Have a Happy (and healthy) Thanksgiving 🙏🏽❤️

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