My brother’s tears left a delicate, clean line on his face. I stroked his cheek, whispered, it’s really you …

Brothers Dov and Yitzhak are pretty isolated in their tiny village in Hungary, the war seems far away.

Oh how things can change in a day. The Nazis give them one hour before they are taken by train to Auschwitz. The horrors they encounter were vivid and very hard to read with tears running down your face.

This is their story, this time told from the safety of their own home six decades later. It is a biographical account based on interviews of a family torn apart by the Holocaust and the heroic journey back to each other.

There were times I needed to stop a moment with this book. The emotions were running high. It is a beautiful and horrifying look at what family is and what people will do to survive.

NetGalley/ Harper Collins September 01, 2020

One response to “The Brothers of AUSCHWITZ by MALKA ADLER”

  1. Lest we repeat, let us never forget!

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