Life in the time of the Plague!

It has been a bit since I was here. The main reason being I burned my fingertips and had little blisters for a week. They are doing better now but still bandaged.

We have been through all the emotions this year. Fear, Anger, Frustration, Uncertainty and let’s not forget the Anxiety Fairy who is working overtime. At first we were just in a holding pattern. Now we have pretty much accepted that we are on our own and need to look out for ourselves.

After the death of a woman at our hotel, a woman who the hospital released after two weeks mind you, we were all going down the depression hole again. Even though we are in a mask mandate, people coming from Texas and Florida have no regard for it and we can’t enforce it. What we can do is refuse to engage with those people and forbid them in the public areas.

We decided to just focus on things we can control. We wear masks and gloves everywhere. We shop when the least amount of people are around and get our veg from the farm. We have been wanting to do some home improvements and we have been knocking out ours and Grandma’s list! Bathrooms have been upgraded, kitchens as well. We have spent most of our time in the water and reviewing stuff.

I finally received an invitation from Amazon and signed a contract with them. Now the Prime guy and I are in a relationship. He texts me more than my husband and is always interested in what is in the 10 packages he brings everyday. And that is basically what my job is. They send me the 10 things a day I feel I can relate to and I tell them what I think. This job was invented just for me I’m sure! My kitchen has been upgraded from a new island to all new spatulas, whisks, and even salt and pepper shakers. It’s a tough job but the benefits are great!

OU Boy is back to work full time working crazy hours as some managers fall sick or have family members who are sick. We pass each other in the morning and that is about it. Friday we were both off and spent an entire day in the pool slipping off floats and just laughing and stealing kisses. We have really missed each other.

Today we are focused on those nasty storms in the Gulf. We heard from our family this morning and they told us the Weather Channel guy is in Bay St. Louis. In Mississippi we don’t panic until they show up. The last thing we all need is for hundreds of people to show up at shelters right now.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I also want to know how to go back to the old WP! If you know, share please!!!

xx P

7 responses to “Life in the time of the Plague!”

  1. I’m still using the old editor. I had it set up as a bookmark and that still works. Here is the url.
    Take out my blog name and insert yours. Hope it works for you. Glad you are doing ok except for your fingertips. That sounded a lot like “my dog ate my homework!” 🙂 Bad place for burns.

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    1. There was a hot glue gun involved! Thanks for this info!

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  2. Good to see you again and I hope you’ll be safe from the weather, as well as everything else!

    My work round for the editor is to open a new post, enter the title, then immediately save it. Go back into your list of posts and choose the ‘classic editor’ option, and you’ll see what you’re used to. It probably isn’t the best way but it works for me!

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    1. I’ll give it a try! Thank you.

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  3. Glad to see that you are well Patty. I feel for everyone who is dealing with people refusing to use masks. I love your job, I hope it all goes well for you. Take care.

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  4. Stay safe and sorry to hear you burnt your finger tips. Take care and mask up.

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  5. “He texts me more than my husband.” 😂😂
    You’re looking very chic. Stay well. 🙂

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