Little Disasters: A Novel

A new emotionally charged, psychological suspense thrill ride from Sarah Vaughn.

Dr. Liz Trenchard is a pediatrician working in the pediatric ward. When she is asked to take a look at a baby in the emergency room who has a suspicious injury and the mother is being evasive.

When she arrives she finds a good friend of hers through the baby group and her baby girl. Liz is shocked at both Jess’s condition and the baby’s. This isn’t the same woman she knows. Jess is the one who makes motherhood look effortless, but this woman is nervous, on edge, and very cagey about what happened and when.

While the police investigate, Liz is dealing with issues of her own as she learns of secrets in her own childhood that will leave her stunned and wondering about another baby.

Full of mystery and suspense! A very real look at post-partum illness and how much more we need to learn about it.

Outstanding and very well written.

NetGalley/ August 18th, 2020 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books



5 responses to “LITTLE DISASTERS by Sarah Vaughn”

  1. I really admire you for diving into reading so many good reads. Take care and sip tea 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m taking a break soon from being contractually obligated to review them and switching to working with the Amazon Review Team.

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      1. Ooh Amazon Review Team!! Proud of you indeed!


      2. I worked hard to get that invitation. It is so worth it!

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      3. Congrats! Your hard work paid off!

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