Happy Birthday, Momma! I Give You a Grandchild!

Today is my Momma’s birthday! Yes, the one I tell tales about. But this is a good tale.

I never know what to get her. She has everything, However, this one time, I gave her the gift of life.

I was pregnant and ready to have this mess over with. Momma had come to stay with me as I didn’t know nothing about having no babies. On June 6th I woke my husband up to tell him the bed had sprung a leak. It was a water bed. Turns out it had not. I had sprung a leak.

We got ourselves together and went to the hospital. A Catholic hospital. That is important because I was born in a Catholic hospital and my momma was still carrying a grudge against them because they told her that if she had complications their first priority was to save the baby. It was my first baby so I didn’t want to make a fuss so for 36 hours I screamed and cried and begged them to just kill me. Finally, my Momma spoke up and told them to get that baby out NOW! She threatened to take me to a real hospital. Finally, on her birthday, June 8th, they got that baby out! Happy Birthday Momma, here’s a baby.

I don’t know what I would have done without her. For months I was miserable. I loved my son but had no idea what to do with him. Thank you, Momma, for that and so much more. As for the said baby, he gave me my first grandchild. And don’t tell anyone, but he really is my favorite!

Enjoy and be safe!

xx P

4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Momma! I Give You a Grandchild!”

  1. Happy Birthday wishes to momma!

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  2. Awesome that your momma and your son have the same birthday. Happy Birthday to both of them.

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  3. I love that she threatened to take you to a “real” hospital. Locally we had a Catholic hospital staffed with a lot of nuns and with a great obstetric department. Many of my friends delivered there but there always was the “child first” mentality that scared the crap out of them. About ten years ago, the hospital was merged with a non-denominational one. I don’t think they will do abortions but the “kill the mama” attitude has relaxed. In this day and age that rarely happens anyway. I can’t believe they let you go 36 hours without intervening. He was worth it though. God bless your mama.

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