Memorial Day in the USA

Monday, Memorial Day.

I am proud to say that I come from a long line of men and women who fought to get this country and keep it. From the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan, they have served their country. My Father, Uncles, brother, cousins, son, and daughter. Some came home mentally and physically damaged.

Today in the place that I currently am, they cancelled all celebrations because of bad weather. It’s Oklahoma y’all, it’s always bad weather. You know what isn’t cancelled? The Mall, the beach, the lakes, the parks, the stores and the Covid-19 Virus. Yeah!

I have to admit I didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend. Since OU Boy and I had the virus in February ( Thank you to the Chinese couple staying at our hotel) and it took 6 solid weeks for us to feel human. OU Boy did go to the hospital but his doctor filled him with fluids and sent him home. Since we both are immune-compromised we were able to get tests very fast. Now we have antibodies. Still, beginning in April we would drive to a lake with no one around and just be. No news, no negativity, no stupidity. Just peace. But then…

We had reservations at Ft. Cobb State Park and Lake. We love this area because it has a marina and a golf course. Plus it’s where the boat is. Due to the sickness OU Boy is only working 2 days a week. We have never had so much time together and I have to say he was about a day away from getting himself voted off this island! So regular hiking, swimming and communing with nature was vital, as I don’t want to go to jail.

 Why yes that is a buzzard eating an armadillo on a golf course.

So Thursday was great. Thursday night someone unleashed hell on us in the form of 45 mph winds, rain and hail. The living room portion of the tent collapsed in on itself and I just slept on. Friday we met up with the grandparents and went fishing on the lake, while also picking up burnt knees. Grandpa is not doing well so it is important to us that he squeezes every bit of fishing fun in that he can.


We said goodbye to them and went to our campsite. Turns out while we were gone every single site had at least 3 tents/boats/campers on it. It was insane. No boating etiquette at all and after the cops came, jetskis collided leaving one boy with an obvious compound fracture of the leg. Alcohol was involved. The music was a mixture of country, rap, and old rock. Then I managed to almost cut my finger off with a knife. The finger I need to unlock my phone! I turned around and looked at my hubby who immediately saw blood pouring down on the ground and he said, “Let’s go! Get that bleeding stopped and I’ll break camp!”. I’m just looking at the blood and thinking How am I going to use my phone? By the time he had everything packed, I had stopped the bleeding. Yes, I could have used a few stitches but what I had was Neosporin, Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape. My daddy brought up four daughters. We may act prissy but we are always prepared. So by 9 p.m., we were home and a huge storm hit the lake.

It was ridiculous everywhere we went. No masks, no social distancing, no precautions at all. So we decided we are Monday through Wednesday campers. Alone. Yesterday we just floated in the pool all day and now I have a burnt body. Yep, the entire thing. Today it is storming so I’m going to read. I hope you all have a safe day.

xx P

4 responses to “Memorial Day in the USA”

  1. People are so stupid! Glad your finger didn’t get chopped off. And I’m a gorilla tape kind of girl myself. Fixes all the booboos

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  2. Glad you didn’t do too much damage to your finger. People are not listening, it is so sad. That is why I do my grocery shopping on Tuesdays. Stay safe.šŸ˜·šŸŒž

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