Totally Winging It Right Now


Monday morning sunshine! We saw so many baby ducklings over the weekend. We were able to get out to the lake and catch some sun and watch people having secret meetings and smooches while napping and watching the boats.

Since our gym is closed OU Boy bought me a bicycle. And I am in awe over how well he knows me. It’s Rose Gold with a cup holder and a phone holder with a small insulated cooler on the front. It’s got gears but I don’t know what they are for yet. But y’all it is so much fun! I went and bought him one! I tore that parking lot up! And then storms came. And they stayed a long time. My poor plants were being tossed around outside, but it is tornado season and this weekend my poor Mississippi was tossed! Luckily our fam is okay.

You can tell this forced distance is making us all loopy. I bought an Insta Vortex 7 in 1 Air Fryer thingy. It’s pretty. I made ‘fried’ chicken in it and it was delicious. No fat, no shrinkage, just yum. OU Boy made bacon yesterday and my house didn’t smell, there was no smoke or grease everywhere.

We played Dominoes, and Scrabble. I hate Scrabble. I am OCD. With dominoes everyone knows to keep the lines straight. Scrabble is just a new mess with every word. We played Rummy and I won. I always win. And now we are feeling 100 percent after 6 weeks and I’m bored AF! I’m supposed to be looking at outdoor furniture for the condo but instead ordered some shoes and shorts.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I decided I should try on my skinny jeans just to be sure I wasn’t eating my emotions…or too much cake. At first I was alarmed and then OU Boy told me I was still wearing leggings and bike shorts. Oh, well we may have lost some brain cells.

Today I’m washing all of the pillows. That is how bored I am. Could I be reading? Why yes, Karen, I could. But I finished the new James Patterson-J.D.Barker book,  The Cross -Country Murders, and it’s going to take me a few days to come down from that! Y’all know I love me some Barker horror. Combine that with Patterson’s experience and all I will say is September is looking good.

I tried to find a hobby. I have a basket full of crochet hooks and yarn. Turns out my favorite things are going out to eat, buying things in the store and touching my face. I haven’t discovered any new skills, I’m not baking anything because the gym is closed. Everything is clean. And this must be what prison is like. Trading sex for a ride in the car.

Stay Safe! Stay Sane!

xx P

7 responses to “Totally Winging It Right Now”

  1. Well Karen, you gave me a good laugh for today.
    Good idea to try on your jeans…but what a giggle!

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    1. It’s laugh or cry here. I’m out of tissues! lol

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  2. OMG “my favorite things are going out to eat, buying things in the store and touching my face” ARE YOU ME? #thisiswhyiloveyou

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  3. I’m waiting to read about your spring/summer tea selections! I found that I’ve been drinking too much chai based teas so because I’m feeling a bit restless, I organized my tea shelf and box…so now I’m reaching for rooibos and ginger teas (ginger tea with peach or pear flavours!)!
    Your post made me smile and laugh out loud…

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    1. With the country on lockdown, I haven’t been able to shop for much tea. No one is shipping any from China. I found all of Twinings Be Well teas and those have been a life saver. The Ginger Peach I love so much that I made an pitcher of it iced with a bit of Agave Nectar. Delicious.

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      1. That does sound delicious! I just bought the last box of a pomegranate/cranberry green tea, I’ve just made a cup for my wander through WordPress and it smells divine…

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