Monday Rants and Revelations!

This is such a Monday! It’s been raining for days, the temperatures are having mood swings and that free HBO weekend was a joke! I mean come on, some of us have to stay home, I don’t want to see movies from the ’80’s I didn’t even like then!

Anxiety is at an all-time high every place you go. Yesterday morning we decided to go to Walgreen’s for some bleach before the church folks got out. Well, this has been an interesting thing to see, what people are stocking up on. The shampoo aisle was empty. Anything sanitizing was gone. I found one can of Lysol and the guy next to me was faster than I was. I did get a lot of Kleenex. And all the bleach. 2 bottles. Some of the stuff was just funny. Plenty of diapers and formula, but no water. I predict dog food will be next.

Saturday we split the list and went to Sprouts. In and out in no time with plenty of Almond Milk, fruits and vegetables. They were low on meat, but that was fine.

Since all of my meds go into my eye, things are pretty sterile in here. OU Boy coughs and he’s out. You know what wasn’t closed? The YMCA! We strolled in there and had the place to ourselves. Of course, we took our wipes and stuff as well, but I just called and they are open today as well. Of course, there are no youth programs right now so it’s just the die-hard work out folks. The old men in the racquetball court and that’s about it.

I read 4 books. We watched a lot of Prime and Netflix. I also found out from the ever-helpful Alexa, that Netflix and Chill means sex and a movie. So all those times I told y’all I was going to just Netflix and chill? It was a movie and a cold beverage. Seriously, how can I watch Pandemic and have sex??

Y’all stay safe, we have a few really good books coming out tomorrow so stay tuned.

xx P


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