Well, that went by quickly! Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! Or Thursday as we call it here. I hope everyone had some time off for whatever you celebrate. This year was a nod to my mostly French side. Since it was just the two of us, we put in the minimum amount of effort.

Our goal was to stay in our pajamas all day. As you can see we smashed it!


We invited our new neighbor over to hang out with us. She is an honest to goodness Yankee. As in Boston! A former nun. We brought out the Bellinis and a Charcuterie platter and proceeded to watch Prancer and cry and eat cheese and drink. We ran out of Prosecco early on. We had popped a nice roast beast in the french oven with a bed of carrots and fingerling potatoes. And had a decadent Yule log with dark chocolate ganache. Then we watched E.T.

In the evening we started a jigsaw puzzle someone gifted us and ate more cheese. It’s one time a year that I am stuffing my face with any cheese available. While we spoiled each other with gifts, my favorite thing was this:


They smell insanely good and I adore them. This morning I have disposed of all of the cheese, cakes, and empty wine bottles. It’s such a gorgeous day I think I’ll go for a nice long walk and then to the gym to work off that cheese.

Enjoy your day and be kind.

xx P

6 responses to “Well, that went by quickly! Happy Boxing Day!”

  1. I am enjoying Boxing day. Hope yours is great.

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  2. LOvely! How nice of you to invite your neighbor! We also had an excellent and quiet day except for throwing down some change at the casino. I got a little lucky!

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    1. Good for you! That sounds fun.

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