The Anxiety Fairy is here. She brought friends.


Monday. Not my favorite day. It should be in the high 60’s today so I am not complaining.

I cracked my Goodreads Goal. 205! Never again. This weekend I read a most touching and informative book called Hill Women. This is the fourth book this year I have read within the Appalachians. Powerful and strong women getting things done with very few resources. It was humbling.

I also binge-watched The Witcher and now will wait a year for more!  But I loved it. Especially the Witcher. A man of few words and a lot of Hmmm. Every once in a while he just pops up with a good “Hmmm”. Since men of few words are my favorite type of men, I loved it.

That pesky Anxiety Fairy popped her head in this weekend heralding my fancy holiday anxiety that is now in full swing. Who knows why? Sometimes it’s a specific thing and other times it’s just a general buzz under my skin just thinking about holidays and expectations. Not to mention crowds. At least I shall be spared the fiasco at OU Boy’s family gathering as they are still not speaking to us since the great summer vacation scandal where I aired all of their dirty laundries. Their words, not mine. I never mentioned names and I assumed they knew their son was a tweaker and drug addict. Especially since they had an intervention a few weeks later. He’s still tweaking.

My family is up in the frozen tundra of the Dakota’s. I love you but I have no intention of going north of Oklahoma. Ever. I don’t have that type of blood. And I’m probably not invited there either after this weekend group text where my one sister asked what we were all doing for Christmas Day. Apparently, my reply of Not Being Impeached did not go over well with my Border Patrol sister.

I have one Blog Tour left this year and it is for J.T.Ellison’s Good Girl’s Lie. Wicked good fun! Have a great whatever you celebrate and tune in tomorrow for our favorite reads of 2019.

xx P



8 responses to “The Anxiety Fairy is here. She brought friends.”

  1. Family is complicated. My family would have laughed at your comment. I get anxiety too and it’s so hard to explain to people. It has nothing to do with personality types. It’s physical and I liked your comment about buzzing under the skin. That’s exactly what it feels like. I refer to it as an adrenaline rush that doesn’t go away. Most of the time I don’t know what triggers it. Have a great holiday.

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  2. Happy Christmas! I’m not being impeached either, which is nice 😊

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  3. I chuckled at your post. I hope your anxiety diminishes soon. I gave up celebrating secular holidays 26 years ago and boy does it take a load off!! Have a good one. 😊

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    1. We stayed in our pajamas all day and watched old movies!

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  4. Sounds exactly like my family in thei old days.

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  5. LOL! The Anxiety Fairy? I would say this job is bigger than that of the tooth fairy. A great read for many, I am sure.

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