Let it Snow…just somewhere else!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  No, we do not have snow. We have gloom and light drizzle this morning and it’s 30 something but we aren’t getting snow. I finally figured out our weatherman covers the entire state, not just OKC. When he talks of snow, he means far NW Oklahoma. But after watching White Christmas, I remembered how romantic snow is. Or so I thought until I actually was in North Dakota the first winter of college.

Thrilled to see but I cried the entire time I was there and whined about frostbite and how does your snot freeze?? St. Simon’s Island doesn’t get snow. We are very smart people!

So hope your weekend is going well. I was up and out the door early because Hurt’s Donuts had a Coconut Cream Pie Filled Donut and I wanted to own it. So out we went and this is our haul!

While OU Boy isn’t an adventurous eater, he is always up for donuts. He chose a classic chocolate long john and an old fashioned donut. Maybe he thought it would taste like the old fashioned he had at Pearl’s last night. No, it did not. I loved the guy behind the counter. He was naming things and then we would both put our hands over our hearts and swoon a little. I love that boy. I told him straight up these were for photoshoots and this is what we came up with. A Cherry Cheesecake filled donut. A Coconut Cream Pie filled donut, A Nutella/Peanut Butter filled donut, An Apple Pie filled donut, and one called the Jesus and I have no idea what is in that but it looked good. And one Chocolate Bavarian Cream. I cut a tiny piece of the Coconut one and promptly put them all in the freezer. Not today Satan, not today.

Now we are a bit odd in our holiday shopping. I pick out all my favorite things and OU Boy goes by and picks them up. That done, it was time for a cup of tea and a calm sit down. So since we were in Edmond we went here:

If they would let me live here I would be happy. And it’s not out of the question as there is a lovely B & B behind it! With help from the lovely and very knowledgeable Claire, I ordered the lunch tea. It came with a heavenly Blueberry Scone and a side of Lemon Curd along with a Quiche Lorraine with so much Gruyere! Along with fruit and a huge slice of Coconut Cake! The tea I chose was Partridge in a Pear Tree. It was so delicious I had to find Claire and buy an entire bag!

They do all types of teas and have private areas for groups. I made a reservation for high tea next week. Even OU Boy loved it and Claire allowed him to order from the kids’ menu because ham and cheese on a croissant are as adventurous as he’s going to get. It is such a calming place and they sell Tea, Coffee, wonderful Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars and you can taste them all. It truly refreshed our spirits as well as our bodies.

Today is gym day and grocery day. Stay warm and remember to stop and take care of you this season and every day!

xx P

15 responses to “Let it Snow…just somewhere else!”

  1. You ate half a donut? I didn’t think anyone could do that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s worse. I cut a tiny piece about the size of a quarter and sucked the pie filling out and tossed the donut. LOL

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      1. You should have sucked out the whole donut!

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      2. Whoever made good tasting stuff a precursor to diabetes was just wrong!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So wrong! Why not liver and onions??

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Those are some great-looking desserts! Good post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, I’m sure I have diabetes now.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am glad I am reading this before bed, or I would be getting something to eat, you made me so hungry.

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    1. I dreamed about the blueberry scone with lemon curd last night.

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      1. Oh, it does sound so good, I understand why.

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  4. Okay I’m drooling over the doughnuts! They look so good. 🙂

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  5. I agree with letting it snow someplace else. Every year upstate New York gets clobbered with snow. Oh yeah, and that gives you an excuse to sit and eat the sweets you want. You can blame it on the winter blues. 🙂

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