Halloween Reading! Serial Killer Time!

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Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! Every one have all of their goodies ready for tonight? Arthur here is ready and waiting. I read so many horror and thriller books that it was difficult to pick a series, but if I had to, it would be this. J.D.Barker and the 4MK Thriller Series. Seven meets Dexter. I love this series and have read them all more than once. So if you just want to buy a giant bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and turn out the lights, snuggle up with one of these babies and play my favorite game… “Hallo-we-ain’t home”.

#BookReview: THE FOURTH MONKEY by J.D. Barker - Quiet Fury Books   The Fifth to Die (eBook)  The Sixth Wicked Child by J.D. Barker

Personally, I will be in the gym. Riding bikes with a book. I bought candy. I ate said candy and now I have to go burn off those calories. Be Safe out there and have a wonderful, spooky Halloween.

xx P

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    1. True. As a Romero, I’d have to say Uncle George was the first!

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      1. I knoewd him in his city Pittsburgh i’m a movies reviewer

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      2. Tom Savini was in my city July 11th, 1989

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  2. knowed (i guess) fuckin’ cell phone transl

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    1. It’s okay, I knew he was dead.

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  3. Ate said candy. Still laughing over that one!

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  4. Excellent suggestion!

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