What are you reading this week?

We’ve made it to the halfway point! Wednesday. What is on everyone’s NetGalley radar?

This week I am reading a good mix of genres.

  A Farm – to – Fork Novella from Lynn Cahoon. I love her novellas and updates on this series!

 Some very good Historical Fiction from M.J. Rose

 Have to toss some serious stuff in there as well. Rachel Maddow is my girl crush!

 And of course, we can’t leave out the twisty, spooky, thriller by Erica Spindler.

This is what I’m reading this week, how about you?


5 responses to “What are you reading this week?”

  1. I’m reading The Year of Less. It’s interesting so far


  2. I’m reading “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray.

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  3. They all look wonderful, enjoy them Patty.

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  4. I’m working on “Proof of Conspiracy” by Seth Abramson. Before that it was the 6th Outlander book.

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