The Furies

Elm Hollow Academy is an all-girls school in a boring town by the coast with a rather dark past. Witch trials in the 17th century and one supposedly hung from a tree on campus. Theories abound about the school and the odd things that happen there.

Violet is sixteen and has already had her fair share of tragedy and loss. She is that character on the fringe. Even she isn’t sure she belongs here. Or anywhere.

The talk of the school when Violet arrives is the mysterious disappearance of Emily Frost. Said disappearance means there is an opening in a study group with their instructor, Annabelle. Mysterious Annabelle. She teaches the girls about the Furies and how they took revenge on the men who wronged them.

Only these girls aren’t taking notes, they are taking action and Violet is drawn into something deadly and it could get her killed. Not knowing who to trust, she trusts herself.

There are plenty of books dealing with angst-ridden teenaged girls at schools. This had less to do with popularity and boys and more to do with witchcraft.

It was really wordy and the middle got a bit old quickly. The end was unexpected and rather disappointing I thought.

NetGalley/ October 8th, 2019 by St. Martin’s Press




5 responses to “THE FURIES by KATIE LOWE”

  1. The premise sounds intriguing. Too bad it didn’t deliver.

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    1. I know! Lately every YA book I’m sent has the same girls behaving badly in a boarding shcool theme. MEH…

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      1. I guess books are a lot like movies. You have to get through a lot of them before you find a great one.

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  2. Thanks for the honest review. I won’t waste my time on this one. I’m reading Desmond Tutu’s “No Future Without Forgiveness” right now – and am finding it to be quite inspirational.

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