New Books, New Looks, And Pie!

Another bright and sunny Monday morning here in Oklahoma City. These are the books I have coming out tomorrow! All of them really good. Reviews are already up on the site if you are looking for details!

It was a rain-free and hot weekend! Miss Charli stayed overnight on Friday. She tried on her dress, which is adorable! This lady is so talented and I love that she makes each one. In the USA.

She and I went shopping as she has had a major growth spurt and needed new pants and Fall clothes.

New Room:

They loved their new rooms and the craft table. Little Miss registered her own Firestick and proceeded to watch all the seasons of Stranger Things, again… And brush her hair. This is a new thing. Normally she hates brushing her hair but we found a great tangle-free brush and she sat in front of that mirror brushing her hair for hours.

We were just about to go into the mall when I remembered I had called Clothes Mentor in Edmond and had them hold a pair of Donald Pliner boots I wanted. So out of the mall and on to Edmond. I was not losing these boots!


So we ended up at T.J.Maxx and Charli tripped trying on jeans and smacked her nose on the wall. Luckily she took a few seconds to shed a tear or two and PaPa quickly brought a cup of ice to her. She and I have the same issue with pants. If they fit in the length, they are too big in the waist. Thank goodness for skinny jeans with a bit of stretch to them! We found several pairs and some new tops and hoodies, underwear and socks. I was too upset to even look at anything after I injured the child! We came home and had dinner and she gave us a fashion show.

On Saturday we went to the lake. Trying to string that summer tan along. The water was choppy so we got in a great work out. Probably the last really good one for a few weeks. We are knee-deep in birthday prep for Corbin this Saturday. This Saturday is also the Oklahoma Book Festival and I’m going to that first. Scott Pelley will be headlining along with Anne Hillerman. So I’ll have a full day for that and then it’s off to the party at the park with dinner and Corbin wanted Papa to get them a hotel room at the Marriott and have a boys night. I’m pretty sure that means pizza and swimming. The next Saturday is the Bachelor party weekend at Firelake Casino and Golf Course. And the next Saturday is the wedding!

Luckily all of the pies are made and in the freezer except for the Key Lime and we’ll do those the day before.

Have yourself a good week and be kind.

xx P

14 responses to “New Books, New Looks, And Pie!”

  1. Such a pretty but simple room. Perfect! Love Lisa Unger books.

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    1. Lisa Unger will be in Dallas in November and I am so going to see her!!!

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      1. Oh, yeah! She lives in Clearwater and is in the Tampa area frequently. I have met her and her husband. She actually came to our cupcakerie when we first opened with her daughter and I missed meeting her! She loves cupcakes.

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      2. Oh my gosh. You are perfect. Thriller lover and a Cupcake Baker? My brother lives in Tampa and has met her. I’ve met her once. The cupcakes interest me more now! lol

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      3. Well, we closed in 2015 but now I make keto cupcakes!

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  2. Is this your daughter? Very pretty.

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  3. Sounds like a very productive weekend. Pizza, swimming…..and wine for the adults? Sounds wonderful!

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    1. Honestly we don’t drink. But this would have been a good time to start!

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  4. Aww, you have an adorable granddaughter and great fashion sense. Do me a favour and add more interior decoration tips. I need some advice and help.

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    1. Thank you. I’ll try to do that!

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      1. U are most welcome.

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  5. thank you for sharing your weekend! sounds like fun! love it!

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  6. These are new authors for me, so I’m intrigued.

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