The Blurb:

Scott Johnston’s Campusland is a laugh-out-loud first novel about one year of insanity at the Ivy-like Devon University, a blissful bubble of elite students

My Take:

I enjoyed this witty, satirical book! A look at cliques, haves and have nots, fraternities, and most of all the power of Social Media.

Lulu Harris does not want to be at Devon. She wants to be the next Kim Kardashian and have millions of followers and get paid to party. Lulu’s father is an alumnus and is rich. Really rich. Her mother left long ago and Lulu has no contact with her. This girl is sneaky, conniving and opportunistic. In her quest to be the new IT girl, she will leave a path of ruined lives in her wake.

Eph teaches 19th Century Lit and is hoping for tenure soon. A small-town Alabama boy, he is above reproach until Lulu sets her sites on him with her plan to make him look like he assaulted her. Nothing personal, she is simply a media addict.

And it works for a bit. And then the fringe groups get together for a little show and tell the truth about Lulu and that was laugh out loud funny!

A very timely story that will strike a chord with anyone on social media!

NetGalley/ August 13th, 2019 by St. Martin’s Press


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