And Then They Were Doomed by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

And Then They Were Doomed: A Little Library Mystery

A Little Library Mystery #4

Little Person author Zoe Zola believes that one of the unluckiest things in life is to receive an invitation—in the form of a letter edged in black—to an Agatha Christie symposium at an old Upper Peninsula hunting lodge. Her reluctance dissipates when she learns that the organizer is named Emily Brent—the name of a character poisoned by cyanide in Christie’s And Then There Were None.

As much as I love the idea of this type of story, it was difficult to get through. There wasn’t a single character that I liked or thought believable.

The ending was very quick and unsatisfying.

NetGalley/Crooked Lane Books  August 13th, 2019

One response to “And Then They Were Doomed by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli”

  1. I read the first three in this series and finally gave up on it. Not my cup of tea either.

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