The Missing Ones (Hester Thursby Mystery #2)

Edwin Hill, the author of the acclaimed Little Comfort, returns with his next book featuring Harvard librarian Hester Thursby—an intimate, intricate mystery as smart and complex as it is riveting.
After all of the awful things that happened with Hester in Little Comfort, I was hoping she wasn’t going to be jumping into the fray again!
Hester is a librarian. With a side gig finding missing people. But after the last one, she almost died and is now out of that game. We think. Probably not.
Hester and Morgan are caring for four-year-old Kate, the daughter of Morgan’s twin sister, Daphne. Daphne left a post-it saying she would be right back, but that was a long time ago and no one knows where she is.
Meanwhile, on Finisterre Island, off the coast of Maine, children are missing and mysteriously returned unharmed. We meet Annie, who looks like a homeless drug addict and is holed up in an abandoned Victorian that is now just an eyesore and a place for junkies. 
When Hester receives a text from Daphne, telling her she needs her, Hester is once again lying to Morgan and taking Kate with her to the island. When she gets there she finds a small town with some big-city problems. Like drugs, people with their own agendas, and a missing Daphne and another little boy. Along with the dead body of a dirty cop.
Will she find Daphne and reunite her with her daughter? Can she save all of them?

This was a twisty, suspenseful tale! At times Hester irritates me, but she has reasons for the things she does. We just don’t understand them. Will this be the end of Morgan and Hester? Will Kate be returned to Daphne? Will Hester ever let go of the guilt and fear she is holding on to so tight?  I hope so.


Another well-done work by Mr. Hill
August 27th, 2019 by Kensington  NetGalley Reads


Bark If It’s Murder (Dog Club Mystery #3)

Dog Club Mystery #2

Lilly Echosby and her baby, toy poodle Aggie, are settling down and maybe even buying a house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She loves working as a CPA at a small museum.

Helping out a friend at the dog show Lilly meets the owner of Posh Pet Haven.
This upscale puppy boarding and daycare with better amenities than Lilly’s hotel!

When she is invited by her boss at the last minute to attend an art auction in Atlanta, she jumps at the chance. And she has the perfect place to leave her baby, Aggie. With puppy cams in all rooms, she can check in on her baby anytime.

The first night she pulls up the feed and watches as a man strangles a woman in the outdoor area. Only when the police arrive there is not a body to be found.

Is Lilly seeing things? And where is the lovely owner of the posh pet hotel? Although the police don’t see a crime, Lilly does and with the help of her friends, she is diving headfirst into this mystery!

These are such fun and smart characters! I can not wait to find out what happens next with Lilly and Aggie.

NetGalley/August 27th, 2019 by Lyrical Press






Run Away

A perfect family has shattered in RUN AWAY, the new thriller from the master of domestic suspense, Harlan Coben.

This was exactly the type of thriller we expect from Coben. Taut, intense, edge of your seat and twisty with an end you never see coming.

Simon and his wife Ingrid, are looking for their daughter. Simon is afraid she has fallen in with the wrong crowd and drugs are involved. When he spots her in the park panhandling, he tries to get her to return home with him, her boyfriend shows up on something and before Simon can do a thing, they disappear.

Then murders begin. Are they tied to Paige? Are Simon and Ingrid in danger? But still, they search. The find out some not so great things about their own daughter and put themselves in danger trying to find her. How far will a parent go for their child? A good question.

Coben is a master of story building. You pull a thread here and think you know but then another thread is pulled and you are doubting yourself. And you can’t stop. By the end of the first chapter, I knew I would be up very late!

Another great thriller from the master of suspense!

NetGalley/ Grand Central Publishing






Hope on the Inside by Marie Bostwick

Hope on the Inside

“Whatever comes your way, find happiness in it.”

Hope Carpenter and her husband, Rick, are at a crossroads. Hope has raised their four children and is going back to teaching. They are where they want to be.

In the blink of an eye, they are suddenly out of jobs and the financial and emotional stress is affecting them both. Selling their home and moving closer to their only daughter along with Rick’s severance package has given them a bit of financial security but they both are feeling unsteady and afraid, which leads to quite a bit of tension.

Hope is determined to find a job and contribute financially and feel useful. She didn’t think that the job would be teaching female inmates in prison. After some initial trepidation, she finds herself loving the job and the young women.

Hope finds that teaching these young women to quilt will have a dramatic effect. They are learning to be normal. To think, plan, pour their hearts into something they can feel ownership over and pride in themselves.

This one has all of the feels in it. I laughed, I cried, I was indignant!  Bostwick always gives us such beautiful stories. I always learn something I needed to learn.

Very Well Done!

NetGalley/ Kensington





The Swallows

Alex Witt has come to Stonebridge Academy to teach creative writing. And maybe fencing. Her fathers’ relationship to the Dean has secured her position and she isn’t exactly happy.

The daughter of a somewhat successful author and a Russian no-nonsense mother, Alex has perhaps inherited some qualities from both sides. Stubborn, single and not looking and very to the point!

Her first look at some of her students is a simple enough assignment.

What do you love? What do you hate? What do you want? Don’t sign your paper.

Some of the answers are easy to assign to the authors. Some look like a code of some type and Alex gets the impression not everything is kosher at this odd school.

My take:

Adults and children behaving very, very badly. Hundreds of students and only a few teachers? And there were maybe 2 redeeming characters and the rest were horrible.

It’s not an original tale. There have been cliques in schools for decades. Adam has taken it to a whole new level. Find the dirt on everyone and use it to leverage things in his favor. Apparently, this system and his band of merry men who love blow jobs have been around awhile. These guys have just elevated it. And they would still be getting away with treating girls as sexual objects, grading their partners without their knowledge until the saying changed and girls will be girls.

All it takes is one warrior. One person willing to stand up and say, “Enough!” And with the Blow Job Chart, it should be easy to decide. Genius! What happens is a full-on war between the sexes. These girls were scary good! In the end, all I could think was, “Girls will be Girls”. And laugh.

This isn’t my favorite book by Lutz. Some of the characters were a bit cliche’. All in all, I was cheering for Gemma!

NetGalley/ Ballentine August 13, 2019





The Blurb:

Scott Johnston’s Campusland is a laugh-out-loud first novel about one year of insanity at the Ivy-like Devon University, a blissful bubble of elite students

My Take:

I enjoyed this witty, satirical book! A look at cliques, haves and have nots, fraternities, and most of all the power of Social Media.

Lulu Harris does not want to be at Devon. She wants to be the next Kim Kardashian and have millions of followers and get paid to party. Lulu’s father is an alumnus and is rich. Really rich. Her mother left long ago and Lulu has no contact with her. This girl is sneaky, conniving and opportunistic. In her quest to be the new IT girl, she will leave a path of ruined lives in her wake.

Eph teaches 19th Century Lit and is hoping for tenure soon. A small-town Alabama boy, he is above reproach until Lulu sets her sites on him with her plan to make him look like he assaulted her. Nothing personal, she is simply a media addict.

And it works for a bit. And then the fringe groups get together for a little show and tell the truth about Lulu and that was laugh out loud funny!

A very timely story that will strike a chord with anyone on social media!

NetGalley/ August 13th, 2019 by St. Martin’s Press


The BeeKeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

The Beekeeper of Aleppo

The unforgettable love story of a mother blinded by loss and her husband who insists on their survival as they undertake the Syrian refugee trail to Europe.

A beautiful and haunting tale of Syria and the families who lost so much and fought so hard to stay in their home country, only to be driven out by war.

This is the story of Nuri, a beekeeper, and his wife, Afra, who is an artist. They live in the city of Aleppo and their life is a good one. Until war comes. In a bomb strike their lives change forever. They change forever. Afra has seen such horrors, she is now blind. But with the aid of Nuri’s cousin, they escape. 

It is a long and hard journey they must now go on. Now they are refugees. Looked down on and taken advantage of. Nuri is suffering from PTSD and only wants to find a place to raise his bees and be safe. They can never go back. All they have is memories of a home that will never be theirs again.

This is a story of human strength and compassion. A real story of the horrors of war in
Syria and the real people who are dying and suffering for a reason we don’t really understand. Nuri and Afra may never see Syria again, but can they find their way back to each other?

This is a book you need to read. It’s not pretty and it’s very sad, but it’s honest and I cried and was very grateful to have read it.

Very Well Done!

NetGalley/ August 27th, 2019 by Ballantine Books