The Escape Room by Megan Goldin


The Escape Room

“Welcome to the Escape Room. Your goal is simple. Get out alive.”

Escape rooms can be really fun and right now they are all over the place and getting pretty creative. The premise is simple enough. A group of people locked in a room. Together they must look at clues that will allow them to escape. The clues are rarely straight forward and more than once will have you backtracking. In the real world, if you run out of time, they just let you out and you can do the walk of shame.

This isn’t that type of story. In this story, four very competitive co-workers are told that on this Friday evening they will be participating in an escape room challenge. None of them wants to do any team building exercises, but they also want to keep their jobs and the money that goes with those jobs, so they show up in a building that is undergoing construction, waiting for an elevator to take them to the escape room.

Little do they know as the elevator rises to the 70th floor that they are already in the escape room. And for the next few days, all of their dirty little secrets, failings, and crimes come out and they must all deal with their own shameful behaviors. And most importantly, which one of them is a killer?

Yes, we find out at the end who was running the show. But I have to say it was a rather unsatisfying end.

Netgalley/ July 30th, 2019 by St. Martin’s Press




6 responses to “The Escape Room by Megan Goldin”

  1. Sounds so intriguing ! Is it all that focused around murder or more the “game” ?

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  2. Oooh I loved this book and had superfun with it. It was my midnight read

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    1. They were an awful bunch weren’t they? I loved that!


      1. That made them too exciting 🤪😂

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  3. Sounds good. I’ve participated in one escape room challenge here and it was a lot of fun. We did manage to get out in time, the clues were pretty hard though, and I have to say I was not much help with them. haha! 🙂

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