They Called Me Wyatt

Siwar Salaiha desperately wants to become a writer. The life she wants is not in Jordan. Against the wishes and advice of her family and friends, she applies and gets into a university in Maryland. Here she is free to write and date and not be gossiped about by the entire town.

She is a good girl, a smart girl. A girl afraid of heights who supposedly committed suicide on her 25th birthday by jumping off the roof of the restaurant.

At the same time she dies, a baby boy in Seattle is born. And somehow her consciousness is now sharing space with a baby. A baby that can’t talk, that can’t ask for help.

Years later that baby, Wyatt, is turning 25 and through a series of events is made aware of Siwars death and the coincidence of their birthdays. He is forced to acknowledge that there is someone else inside his head and that person wants answers about her death.

This was a good story. The characters were okay. The ending left me unfulfilled. There were quite a few grammatical errors that were pretty significant and I hope those have been addressed.

Good Story, not so great execution.

NetGalley/ June 11th 2019 by Rare Bird Books





  1. Ah, the pity of a book that could have been good. Love the premise but I would end up disappointed if you are so I’ll pass and see if someone else pulls it off better.

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