The Last Thing She Remembers

I can’t remember my name.

On Day One, we meet a young woman. From our point of view, we see someone who has suffered some type of trauma and only knows that her things are gone and she is in the village of Wiltshire, knocking on the door of her own house. She knows it is her house but she can’t fully explain how she knows this and nothing else.

The couple who owns the house is suspicious. The police are suspicious. The entire village is suspicious. And more than one person thinks they know her.

As we learn more about her and the couple who take her in at first, things begin to take an odd turn. The wife up and leaves. The husband is acting very odd. Who do they think she is?

This was a thriller, a mystery, with an ending that was both shocking and satisfying!

Well Done!

NetGalley/  May 28th 2019 by Park Row (first published 2018)






  1. The busy shelf Avatar
    The busy shelf

    This sounds sooo intriguing!

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    1. It took me way down the rabbit hole!! lol


  2. I’m putting this on my list. Thanks!

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  3. I read the book with another publisher and it was great fun

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  5. Well your choices always great. This book also sounds great

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