59 Memory Lane by Celia Anderson

59 Memory Lane

May Rosevere, sits in her little cottage in Cornwall, contemplating having reached 110. She is awfully spry for someone her age and her goal is to reach 111. It’s an important goal for her. May tells everyone she has lived this long thanks to buttered toast in the morning and some sherry in the evening.

May actually has a whopper of a secret. She is a memory thief. To keep her own mind and body young, she steals the memories left in objects of others.

There is some questions about her husbands death and affairs and the choices he made has her neighbor Julia, a recent widow, despising May. And then Julia begins to forget things.

I didn’t quite buy into the memory draining but the story as a whole was more about honesty, forgiveness and the power of love.

NetGalley/April 1st 2019 by HarperCollins





4 responses to “59 Memory Lane by Celia Anderson”

  1. Interesting memory stealing arc, it is sad it was done well. Lovely review


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