The Family

Becky was the only survivor of the horrific and ritualistic killing of her entire family. Injured and terrified she saw her opportunity to run and she did. Rescued by a man in the woods.

Adult Becky is doing everything she can to find out who the killer was and why he hasn’t been found. But when her digging starts getting people who help her killed in horrible ways, she doesn’t stop, she just goes harder. Not knowing who to trust may just get her killed herself before she can find out the truth.

This was a very explicit and horrifying read. As a character I didn’t care for Becky. But I did not see that ending!

NetGalley/ May 2nd 2019 by Aria






6 responses to “THE FAMILY by P.R.BLACK”

  1. I didn’t request this book as it felt too dark, lovely review

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    1. This is the short version. I’m doing a blog tour with them next week. It was dark and twisty and the ending was WHAT?WHO?

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  2. Great review. I shy away from dark books. I like happy endings

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    1. No happy ending here! Death and Destruction.

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  3. Thanks for saving us the grief. I can’t do horror of any kind either.

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  4. Doesn’t sound like one I would enjoy. Nice review nevertheless.

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