the summer retreat by Sheila Roberts

The Summer Retreat

When Celeste Jones finds out her year-long boyfriend is a liar and a cheat, she packs up her swimsuit and heads to Moonlight Harbor to spend some time with her sister, Jenna.
There were some interesting characters in this one. It was a bit to rambling for me and I kept having to go back and see who was who. A first for DNF.
NetGalley/April 23rd 2019 by MIRA

3 responses to “the summer retreat by Sheila Roberts”

  1. Ooooh apparently this was third in the series… I read it.. Since it was light read but halfway through it rambled

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    1. That rambling was too much for me.

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  2. Wow, I like your review, Pirate Patty. Straight and to the point. Yeah, rambling will kill a book pretty quickly. It’s best to keep it about the characters and their “actions”. Words only mean so much imo. Great post!!

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