THE Jean Harlow BOMBSHELL by Mollie Cox Bryan

The Jean Harlow Bombshell (A Classic Star Biography Mystery #1)

First in a new series

Charlotte Donovan wants to be a writer. She’s spent years as assistant to Justine Turner, world -famous biographer of the stars of yesteryear. Justine is eccentric and secretive so when she calls Charlotte and asks her to meet to discuss an emergency with her work in progress, a biography of Jean Harlow, Charlotte is surprised.

Unfortunately before she can tell Charlotte exactly what is going on she is dead. Right there at the booth. Did someone just murder her boss in broad daylight? It looks that way. Moving into Justine’s apartment to try to finish the book before the deadline, Charlotte feels like she is being watched. Followed by a woman who looks exactly like Jean Harlow.

When people start coming out of the woodwork looking for the famous Harlow ring, Charlotte may be next on the list of dead writers.

Charlotte is an interesting character. She suffers from Lyme Disease and sees herself as an amateur sleuth. She pushes herself and there is a lot of mystery surrounding her father and her obsession with hot cops. On one hand I thought she was a bit too sickly to be running all over town trying to find a killer. On the other I was wondering about her odd sex life. It just didn’t seem to fit with her character.

This one left me with more questions than answers to be honest. I’m sure once the editing is complete the story will come together

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5 responses to “THE Jean Harlow BOMBSHELL by Mollie Cox Bryan”

  1. Sounds very interesting. Love your new gravatar, too!

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    1. That was me not wanting to go into the eye surgery!! I was wearing my jammies. lol

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      1. Wearing jammies to the hospital? Lol! That’s fantastic 😍👍

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      2. Well it’s not like anyone had good vision and they made me put on a paper gown anyway. lol

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      3. Ooooh. I love those paper gowns. Last time I was in the hospital, my bum was not quite covered as I made my way to the men’s room. Such a draft!

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