The Ash Family

I had issues with this book from the beginning. We had little to no background on Berie when her mother drops her at the bus station to go to college. She doesn’t want to go to college but she’s unclear about what she does want.

At the bus station she meets a man. And the next thing we know she is living in a cult with a lot of ugly, dirty people who are just a murderous bunch of brainwashed and damaged people, led by a liar. This girl is smart enough to get into a good college and she fell for a guy at the bus stop who took all of her stuff and yep she just jumped in the truck.

I am sorry to say that I did not care for a single character in this book. None of them were held responsible for anything and she thought she could just go back to her old life.

I know this is a debut novel, but it was very unbelievable to me. Does anyone even take the bus to college any more? Or get in a car with strangers? No.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

NetGalley/Simon and Schuster April 9th




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