COLD WRATH A Hennessey and Yellich Mystery by Peter Turnbull

Cold Wrath (Hennessey & Yellich #25)

Who was Anthony Garrett? The murder of a reclusive local man draws DCI Hennessey and DS Yellich into a baffling new case. 

In the village of Millington in the Vale of York, Miles Law, the under-gardener for The Grange, is hoping to pick up a bit of work before the heat sets in. Miles is a sharp fellow. He notices things. As does the elderly neighbor directly across from The Grange.

And on this day something is wrong. While no one really knows Anthony Garrett, the owner of The Grange, they do know he is fastidious about his routine of making sure every window and door are locked tight and he is rarely seen. When Miles spots an open window and then finds the front door unlocked, he enters and finds the man himself, dead, and not recently. He calls the local police and waits.

Miles is no stranger to the police. And it turns out neither is Garrett. The more our detectives discover, the more confusing the case becomes. Especially after the neighbor’s account.

Normally I am quite fond of this series. I didn’t mind that each chapter began as a screenplay almost with the narrator explaining to us what was about to happen. I didn’t care for it here though. It felt stiff and wasn’t necessary.

It was very wordy and the end?! Nope. That was not good.


Netgalley/ April 1st 2019 by Severn House Publishers


3 responses to “COLD WRATH A Hennessey and Yellich Mystery by Peter Turnbull”

  1. The cover art is creepy.

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  2. Sounds like a good one

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