MOTHER’S DAY MAYHEM by LYNN CAHOON ( A Tourist Trap Novella)

Mother's Day Mayhem (A Tourist Trap Mystery #10.5)

Back in South Cove! This time Mother’s Day is coming and so is Greg’s mother!

Jill is in a bit of a tizzy with Mother’s Day around the corner and Greg’s mother is coming for lunch! So instead of fixating on her fears, she is helping Kyle from next door find out where the mother who left him as a child with his grandmother is living and why she doesn’t want a relationship with Kyle.

I am loving these little novellas that Ms. Cahoon is giving us. We no longer have to wait a year for a new mystery! We have wonderful little updates on all of our favorite characters on the holidays. I find this style fresh and a great way to keep us wanting more.

Well Done!

NetGalley/April 2nd 2019 by Lyrical Press






8 responses to “MOTHER’S DAY MAYHEM by LYNN CAHOON ( A Tourist Trap Novella)”

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    1. Thanks! How’s the new series going?

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      1. Hi! Great! 3rd book launched this weekend and is going well. I just finished the 4th. I feel very in tune with the series now. πŸ™‚

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  2. I have this book, do I need to read the previous books to get to understand this?

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    1. Not necessarily. You will catch on to who is who quickly.


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