International Women’s Day…RESPECT


A day to recognize women all over the globe. Stand tall, Be Strong. Teach your daughters and your sons about the power of women. We gave you life, now show some appreciation! You don’t ’empower” us, we are already powerful, we don’t need your approval or your interference in matters that do not concern you fellas!

We are tired of playing. Now, we act.

xx P

7 responses to “International Women’s Day…RESPECT”

  1. Thank YOU for your blog. It’s obvious you work hard on it and I always enjoy the posts. Cheers.

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  2. We are women and we are strong ❤

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  3. Well said! Thank you for your hard work and interesting blog. How is your husband; I hope all is well with him.

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    1. He is healing quite well and no sign of the dreaded cancer! Thank you for asking.

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  4. thedreamybooksniffer Avatar


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