A Beautiful Corpse (Harper McClain, #2)

From the author of The Echo Killing comes a new Harper McClain thriller!!

Harper is still covering the crime beat and getting the cold shoulder from Savannah’s police department after last year trying to solve her mothers murder and getting shot by a cop.

Historic Savannah is old families that wield a lot of influence and power and lots of tourists. And both are shaken to their core when a young woman Harper knew is found dead in the middle of a busy tourist section of town.

Shocked to find the young woman who worked at the same bar Harper had just left, Naomi Scott was a beautiful and determined young woman in law school. Now she is lying in a pool of blood with fatal gunshot wounds. Nothing makes sense.

No witnesses. Three suspects. Her father is adamant it was not her boyfriend. Her friend is adamant it wasn’t the bar owner. Harper is adamant it is the old money family bad boy.

There is really a story within a story here. Harper is working overtime to find Naomi’s killer while also dealing with a familiar feeling that someone is stalking her. Inside and outside of her home. Apparently last years burglar is back and not happy she didn’t heed his last message to her. RUN.

This is a fast-paced thrill ride! Ms. Daugherty knows all the right buttons to push and the tension and suspense are high in this one. I can’t wait for the next one!

Netgalley/Minotaur/St.Martin’s Press March 12, 2019




  1. Looks like something right up my street!

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  2. I enjoyed another Savannah book about a murder – The Garden of Good and Evil – so think that I’d like this fictional book about the same city.

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    1. Oh yes! I’m a Georgia girl and love that book!!


  3. This one sounds really good. Great review. I am not familiar with this author, so another one to check out.

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  4. This one sounds really good. I’m adding to my Goodreads list.

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  5. okay…this one interesting! I love thriller books..could you suggest more?

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  6. This book was really awesome. Please suggest more thriller books

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    1. I love her books! Thrillers are my main genre!


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