Cookin' the Books

Tish Tarragon has moved to Hobson Glen to open her restaurant and catering business, Cookin’ The Books Cafe. Along with her besties Mary Jo and Jules Tish is creating food with a literary theme. She’s still a few weeks out from opening when her landlord, the gorgeous Schuyler Thompson stops by to let her know he has recommended her to the director of the library as their caterer has dropped out at the very last-minute.

When Binnie Broderick stops by to go over the menu, Tish is afraid she may not be able to pull this off. Binnie is not a nice person and no amount of money will change that. Used to getting her way in everything, Tish does her best and pulls together a delicious dinner, only to have Binnie do a face plant in her plate!

When the police prove she was poisoned, Tish is out to prove it wasn’t her food and get her cafe open before it is closed for good.

That is all I’m saying. I loved the characters in this! And I really enjoyed them being a separate sleuthing operation. Tish did a lot, but Mary Jo and Jules had quite a bit of fun and adventure on their own. It made a lot more sense than a lot of cozies which have the main character gone from the business all the time leaving the friends to do the work.

There are so many secrets in this small town. And they are all about to come tumbling out of the closet!

I highly recommend this one and I hope there will be more!

Well Done!

Netgalley/ Severn House  March 01



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