Cyanide with Christie (Crime with the Classics Book 3) by [Bolger Hyde, Katherine]

Crime With The Classics Book 3

Emily and the gorgeous Victorian mansion, Windy Corner, which she inherited from her Great Aunt, are ready to open their doors to the first of hopefully many Writer’s Retreats.

Still on sabbatical from Reed, the literature professor and widow, is hoping to get into some of her own research and writing. With the beautiful surroundings and the holiday spirit, she may come up with some magic of her own.

The guests are all writers, some more prolific than others, but all working on the same goal of publishing books. Emily even has a new tenant in one of her smaller properties and everything is ready. Even though something about this tenant gives her pause.

As they are just getting settled one uninvited guest shows up and Emily can’t send her back out into this winter storm as much as she and the guests would like to. Cruella Crime, no of course that isn’t her real name, writes ‘true’ crime that isn’t true and is no friend to any of them.

When they find her dead of poisoning in her room, they are going to have to share space with a killer, as the weather holds them all hostage.

Emily takes a page out of Agatha Christie’s book and starts a bit of snooping on her own and what she finds out may get her killed this time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. All of the Christie references and the characters were very well done. This was my first time reading a book in this series but it won’t be the last.

Well Done!

Netgalley/  March 1st 2019 by Severn House Publishers





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