Corned Beef and Casualties (A Tourist Trap Mystery #6.25)

I always love Lynn’s Holiday Novellas and this one was short, sweet and left my mouth-watering as usual.

Always good to head to South Cove and see what Jill, Sasha and the gang are up to. This one has the town embracing a new event for St. Patrick’s Day. And it will probably be the last one. While business is booming, the town is left with a lot of drunks, trash and what is that? A dead body? And not just any dead body, but a girl Jill had just met.

I think Greg has about given up on keeping Jill out of his investigations and this one was wrapped up nicely.

I was intrigued by the lady with the red hair at the end. Hmmm….will we see her again? And that cheesecake recipe? Already tried it! Yum!

Thanks for this one!

Netgalley/ Lyrical Press/Kensington February 5, 2019

3 responses to “CORNED BEEF AND CASUALTIES ( A Tourist Trap Novella) by LYNN CAHOON”

  1. This book sounds like a fun quick read.

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