Good Morning Y’all. Today is the release of The Hanging Psalm by Chris Nickson from Severn House and Murder at the Queen’s Old Castle by Cora Harrison also from Severn House.

January 2019 is chock full of good books coming out! From Cozy Mysteries to Horror, our favorite authors are giving us a lot to read!

Today is a great day to kick back with a book, a cup of tea and for me, listen to the rain.

Enjoy your day. Read a book. Be Nice! Cheers to another year of sharing books.

xx P

7 responses to “THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO SPARKLE!”

  1. I think I need one of those “I will probably spill this” cups. Just before I turned on my computer, I spilled my tea in slow motion. It might be good if I warned myself aboutt what was coming.

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    1. LOL!! It does help. I should probably use the baby’s sippy cup!

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      1. Now that does sound useful.

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  2. Happy New Year! Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe year ahead full of fun, adventures and good books.

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  3. Cheers to reading in the New Year!! 🙂

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  4. Hi Patricia! This is such an uplifting post. Lots of things to look forward to in 2019.😊

    I’m facilitating an Evening of Gratitude in LA on Tuesday. As a part of that, we’ll be focusing on creating images that were want more of. That includes books! ❤

    Have a wonderful start to your year. I’m grateful to connect with you here in our blogging community.

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    1. Good to hear from you! That sounds like a wonderful evening.


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