INHERIT THE WOOL by Betty Hechtman

Inherit the Wool (A Yarn Retreat Mystery Book 6)

This is the 6th book in the Yarn Retreat Mysteries.

Casey is hosting a retreat this time at the request of an old college friend, Vanessa. The odd ball little group of friends they were in college included being Ballarinas. Yes this is a made up game but it was better than gym class.

Casey hasn’t really kept up with anyone from college, but if Facebook is to be believed, all of them have successful and happy lives. Casey worries that the Vista Del Mar resort may be a bit too rustic for these ladies. She’s right. No cell service or internet seems to be the biggest complaint.

Until one of them turns up dead and Casey calls on her old friend Frank for some advice as well as Det. Theo, who is one of my favorite characters. Did someone in her group murder Vanessa?

There are all types of misdirection going on here and while I had a suspicion from the beginning, I didn’t have it all until the end.

Let’s just say that no one was what they seemed and everyone had motive.

Good series with lots of knitting and baking going on. Recipes and a knitting project are included.

Well Done!   Netgalley/BeyondThePagePublishing    Out Now!




5 responses to “INHERIT THE WOOL by Betty Hechtman”

  1. Thank you for your review! I enjoy cozy mysteries involving knitting and knitters. I am adding this series to my to read list.

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  2. Thanks for talking about this series and answering my questions before I even asked. With knitting and baking they sound perfect!

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    1. The recipe and the instructions are a nice bonus!

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      1. Yes I will enjoy them, I’m sure:)

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