ERNEST HEMINGWAY:Artifacts From A Life by Michael Katakis

Ernest Hemingway: Artifacts From a Life

Beautifully designed, intimate and illuminating, this is the story of American icon Ernest Hemingway’s life through the documents, photographs, and miscellany he kept, compiled by the steward of the Hemingway estate and featuring contributions by his son and grandson.

I have always been fascinated with Papa Hemingway. The legends are many and larger than life. What is true and what is just colorful tale? He was so many things besides a writer. 

I’ve read many books about the man and his wives and children. Some not so flattering. This author tells the story of his life through his own documents, letters and things he kept for his own reasons. There are photographs documenting his public and private lives, although he seemed to be pretty up front and public about everything he did.

He was driven to be in the middle of the action. To me he seemed to have an insatiable curiosity about everything and every one. The author has done a wonderful job of putting together all of these things and we get a really good look at the life of a man who was bigger than life.

Very Well Done!

Netgalley/ Scribner October 23, 2018



5 responses to “ERNEST HEMINGWAY:Artifacts From A Life by Michael Katakis”

    1. It was! My son and I had another conversation about it yesterday. Fascinating man.

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  1. My high school English teacher was in love with Hemingway and she passed it on to me. He’s an interesting guy and he was super handsome (which maybe shouldn’t mean anything but does for me. LOL). Not a big fan of his novels but his short stories I really enjoyed.

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    1. The novels not so much but yes the short stories I like. I had just finished one by his lover a few months ago and it all just clicked here.


  2. He really fascinates me as well, and I’ll have to grab this up! When we went to Key West a few years ago, I had to go see his house, and of course, check out his cats with all the toes (lol!). He was a very interesting man!

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